ClarusVision™ System

Our proprietary ClarusVision system gives you the edge. We’ve turbocharged traditional methodologies with technology and processes that get you on-target results — in real-time!

Right, Rich, Real-Time, Results!

How it Works

Each element of the system is a key step in our process — from design to analysis and presentation. This disciplined approach has numerous benefits. Most importantly, it ensures a consistent result, and makes it easy for you. You can even monitor the real-time results from your own computer via ClarusReporter!

Optional Custom Interactive Dashboard

Follow the results of your research using a custom dashboard, which allows you and your team to see different views with data inputs occurring dynamically. The dashboard provides key performance metrics by individual products, product groups, customer profiles, geographies, or geo-demographics. It is very useful for the following studies: monthly/quarterly/annual tracking, those that are complex, frequently referenced, or regularly accessed by multiple people.